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Jeff Poon: Infrared Photography

In February we were lucky to have Jeff Poon as our guest speaker on Infrared Photography. The images from the night are now available in the gallery, and the full presentation is posted below, as taken from our Google Docs hub. [singlepic id=489 w=549 float=center] by Jeff Poon [singlepic id=496 w=549 float=center] by Jeff Poon

Top Scoring Images from March Competition

Print Open [singlepic id=441 w=549 float=center] “Exhausted” Eric Slide Special [singlepic id=443 w=549 float=center] “Soothing Water” Eric [singlepic id=444 w=549 float=center] “Black Swansong 2” Jeff Slide Open [singlepic id=442 w=549 float=center] “The Setting Sun” Eric