“Architecture” February competition night

February’s competition night was the first held at our new venue, The Social Room (3/F, Won Hing Building, 74-78 Stanley street). The theme for the Special competition was “Architecture” and our judge for the night was experienced Architecture/real-estate photographer Grischa Rüschendorf, https://www.rupho.com.

Below are a selection of members images submitted for the Special Theme Competition…

Open Theme Competition

As always we also had an Open competition where members submit their favourite images on any theme. Below are a selection of images that members submitted.

“Leading Lines” January competition night

Last night our Club had its first competition night gathering for 2020. The theme for the evening’s Special category was “Leading Lines” and members also entered submissions for the Open category competition. In total members submitted more than 80 images!

Ali Ghorbani (aligstudios.com) was our Guest Judge for the night, a returning judge and past Cathay Camera Club Chairman, who we thank dearly for his contribution to a very successful evening!

Again, thank you Ali for making the night such a success! Read More

Members nature walk

Thanks to club member Ewa Wilkinson for organising a club outing to Lamma Island for an afternoon of nature photography. Members assembled at Yung Shue Wan before heading off with tripods and macro lenses in hand to shoot the local plant life. The afternoon was rounded out with some time spent shooting the December sunset.

Below are a selection of members image from the day.

Best of exhibition 2019

Our annual exhibition at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre is over. 26 Members exhibited a wonderful selection of images on the theme of “Simply Hong Kong”. As usual we asked members of the public who visited the exhibition to vote for their favourite images. The votes have been counted and the results are, in reverse order…..

[drum roll]…..

In third place was Brandon Yoon’s image “Respect” with a total of 33 votes

In second place was Leonid Kazanskiy’s “February Sky” with a total of 51 votes

An in first place Olga Mihova’s image “Trapped” (shown above) with a total of 84 votes

Competition night – “Low Key/High Key”

February’s competition night is approaching (Feb 25th). I am pleased to announce that Aanchal Wadhwani (https://www.facebook.com/MatryoshkaHK) will be returning as our judge for the night.

As per normal, the meeting will start at 7:30pm at our usual venue, the upstairs function room at  Iberico & Co, 18 Shelley Street (next to the Escalator, just up from Staunton Street). As courtesy if you are unable to attend please kindly inform us.

1. Special theme Photo Competition

The Special theme is “Low Key/High Key”, how you interpret the Special theme is entirely up to you. You can submit 2 images in any combination (print/digital). There are no geographical restrictions on where images can be taken, however the images should have been taken within the last 12 months. Please give a title to your image but DO NOT put your name on the file and use this link to submit your Special Theme entries:


2. Open theme Photo Competition
You may also submit 2 images for the Open Theme competition on any theme/topic of your choosing and submit them in any combination of Print, Digital or Slide format. There are no geographical or time limit within which they must have been taken. Please give a title to your image, DO NOT PUT your name on the file.


3. Submissions details 
The deadline for digital submissions in Friday [date] at 11.59pm & 59 seconds to allow us to prepare the order of submissions and score sheets for the judge. The judge will then have the chance to make an early judging of the submitted images to speed up events on our meeting night.Also please remember there is a slight change on how to submit your images: DO NOT identify your file with your name, only title pls (more below) and please stick to the deadline as images will not be accepted after deadline. Please don’t forget to use the following link to enter your submission details of each image you upload (your name and image tile, Special or Open) , please select two unoccupied cells and make sure your images are not directly one after the other on the sheet. You will need to enter the details of your uploads on each tab for the special and open categories. This list will then printed and photos will be shown in that order on competition night:

4. Print submissions
You need to arrive no later than 7.15 on the night so that judging sheets can be prepared in time for the 7.30 start. (I am aiming to be at the venue at 6.30) Please ensure your prints are suitably mounted for ease of viewing/judging. Write your name and the picture’s title clearly on the back of the mount.
If you are entering a print please send a digital copy too, so they can be placed on our webpage or/and Facebook. This will also ensure that we have a record of every photo entered in any competition for future perusal.

5. Guests 
Guests are welcome to attend the meeting and may submit images to both competitions. However their scores will not contribute to the year end scoring.

6. Cancellations due to weather 
If a Black Rainstorm Warning or Pre-No. 8 Special Announcement or Typhoon Warning Signal No. 8 or above is issued or in effect 2 hours prior to the meeting start, the meeting will be cancelled without notice.Looking forward to seeing you all!

Annual General Meeting 2018/19

Dear Members,

Firstly let me say a very happy new year to you all.

The club’s annual AGM will be held on Monday 14th Jan 2019 at our usual venue, the upstairs function room at Iberico & Co restaurant at 18 Shelley Street, Central. The meeting will start at 7.30pm.

After the usual Chairman and treasurers reports the main business of the AGM will be to nominate and elect the various committee members and to discuss/vote on themes for the 2019 competition nights. Additionally there will be a few other small matters and any other business the members may wish to bring up and put before the membership.

As always if a Black Rainstorm Warning or Pre-No. 8 Special Announcement or Typhoon Warning Signal No. 8 or above is issued or in effect 2 hours prior to the meeting start, the meeting will be cancelled without notice.

Competition night – “Travel”

And so another year draws to a close. December 10th saw club members meeting at Iberico & Co for a combined Competition Night and Christmas Dinner.

The special theme for the night was “Travel” with 22 images submitted by the members. Below is a gallery of the images submitted….


Competition night – “Night portrait”

Big thanks to everyone who attended and/or submitted images for Monday 26th November’s competition night. The Special theme for the evening was “Night Portraits”. In addition we also had our regular Open theme with members free to submit images on any subject/theme. In total we had 15 images submitted for the Special theme. I would also like to thanks to our Judge for the evening; professional photographer Jeremy H Greenberg for the great critic on the photos!