Monday 23rd May – Competition Night – “Raindrops”

Our next meeting on Monday 23rd May is a competition night and as usual we will be running “Open” and a “Special Themed” competitions. I am very pleased to announce that our judge for the evening will be Andrew Hevia. Andrew is a film-maker with experience in both narrative and documentary film. His producing credits include ‘Sun Don’t Shine’ (SXSW 2012) and ‘When We Lived in Miami’ (SXSW 2013). His documentary directing credits include ‘Rising Tide: A Story of Miami Artists’ (2012) and ‘Sawgrass City’ (2014).

The meeting will start at 7:30pm at our usual venue, the upstairs function room at Iberico & Co Restaurant.

Guests welcome.

1. Special theme Photo Competition

This week’s Special theme is “Raindrops” and, as always, how you interpret the Special Theme is entirely up to you. Please note that new submission guidelines are in effect this year. You may submit up to two images to the Special theme competition and they may be in any combination of Print, Digital or Slide format.

Restrictions on special theme submissions – the images should have been taken within the last 12 months. However, unlike previous years, there is no geo-restriction – (There is no longer a requirement for them to be taken in Hong Kong, Macao, Zhuhai or Shenzhen only).

2. Open theme Photo Competition
You may also submit images for this week’s Open theme competition on any theme/topic of your choosing. As above you may submit up to two images to the Open theme competition and you may submit them in any combination of Print, Digital or Slide format. There are no geographical restrictions on where images can be taken and no time limit within which they must have been taken.

3. Guests
As always guests are welcome to attend the meeting and may submit images to both competitions. However their scores will not contribute to the year end scoring.

4. Image submission rules
Print/Slide submissions
You need to arrive no later than 7.15 on the night so that judging sheets can be prepared in time for the 7.30 start.

Please ensure your prints are suitably mounted for ease of viewing/judging. Write your name and the picture’s title clearly on the back of the mount. If the image has been extensively manipulated (multiple exposures blended, compositing, major cloning etc) please add an M for Manipulated. Unmanipulated images can optionally be marked with a U.

If you have prints, you need to arrive no later than 7:15pm to submit them. So, to avoid disappointment, please be on time. Better yet come early and eat dinner or help to set up.

Digital submissions
Digital Images must be submitted via email to no later than Sunday midnight; with the subject line of the email as “Raindrops competition”.


Please label you digital images in the following format:

1 or 2,Author’s First Name Last Name,Image Title,F/D,U/M,O/S

where 1 = first image and 2 = second image, followed by
Your Name
The title of the image
F= shot on film & scanned/D=Digital image
O=Open Competition/S=Special theme competition

1,Bill Smith,On Fire,P,M,S
2,Bill Smith,Flower,D,U,O

Minimum image size 1280×800 pixels, bigger better but limit file size to 2MB maximum.

As backup, please also bring your digital images on Monday.

* Manipulated means Images that have been composited from more than one image or had major cloning that significantly alters the image. These should be marked M for Manipulated.
Images that have had tonal/exposure adjustments, dodging and burning, cropping, minor cloning, conversion to black and white or the application of filters are considered Unmanipulated.

5. Meeting location Details
We’ll be at Iberico & Co Restaurant from 7pm. 18 Shelley Street (next to the Escalator, just up from Staunton Street).
Google maps link: Iberico & Co

6. Cancellations due to weather
If a Black Rainstorm Warning or Pre-No. 8 Special Announcement or Typhoon Warning Signal No. 8 or above is issued or in effect 2 hours prior to the meeting start, the meeting will be cancelled without notice.

See you Monday.

Club night – 9th May

Donald McCullin (1964)

Don McCullin (1964) – Photo By Jac. de Nijs / Anefo (Nationaal Archief) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

This week’s club night will feature the screening of two Photography related documentaries. The first focuses on the renowned British war photographer and photojournalist Don McCullin, famous for his coverage of the Vietnam War and the Northern Ireland conflict. The second film is about about fellow British photojournalist Tim Hetherington, who was sadly killed in 2011 while covering the Libyan civil war.

The meeting will start at 7:30pm at our usual venue, the upstairs function room at Iberico & Co Restaurant, 18 Shelley Street (next to the Escalator, just up from Staunton Street).
Google maps link: Iberico & Co

As always guests are welcome.

Cancellations due to weather
If a Black Rainstorm Warning or Pre-No. 8 Special Announcement or Typhoon Warning Signal No. 8 or above is issued or in effect 2 hours prior to the meeting start, the meeting will be cancelled without notice.



Monday 28th March – Competition night

Monday is almost upon us and with it another competition night for your delectation! The theme, this week is Relationships and, as always, is open to your interpretation. Our guest judge for the evening, Mr Kenneth Lim, ( will be ready and waiting to look at your images, awards points and give feedback.

The meeting will take place at our usual venue, Iberico & Co Restaurant, 18 Shelley Street (next to the Escalator, just up from Staunton Street).
Google maps link: Iberico & Co

The meeting will start at 7.30 prompt. Members wishing to submit prints need to arrive no later than 7.15 so that judging sheets can be prepared.

Welcome to 2016

12440354_10154458930389307_7767232901816403823_oThe club held their Annual General Meeting for 2015/2016 on 15th January and minutes of the meeting will be published shortly. 12471840_10154458930964307_1562679862213778431_o

As a result of the meeting it was agreed that the membership fee for the year 2016 would be reduced to HK$500 for individual members, $750 for couples, and $250 for full-time students. That makes this year an even better time to join the club.

Cathay Camera Club Exhibition 2015


Club members at the Cultural Centre.

The annual club exhibition took place at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre between Friday 13th and end in the late evening of Sunday 15th November 2015. Thanks to some excellent planning and a lot of hard work the exhibition was a great success – lots of interaction with the public, a guest book full of comments and a sheaf of voting forms filled in by the publish nominating their favourite images from the exhibition.

Special thanks go to Mark Hammerschmidt, Pete Walker, Pauline Miller and Robert Scherle for all their hard work in making it happen.

Annual Exhibition 2015

“To do, or not to do.”  These might be appropriate words to describe our forthcoming exhibition, when it seemed as if it wasn’t going to materialise due to a slight lack of enthusiasm. However, a sufficient number of members have elected to continue on and it will be held in the foyer of the Hong Kong Cultural Centre in Tsim Sai Tsui, Kowloon on Friday 13th and end in the late evening of Sunday 15th November 2015. There are 19 members supporting the exhibition, each member is given one side of a display board and each will display up to three photographs. Members are submitting either their best scoring images from the clubs previous themed competition evenings or a specific triptych (which was the intended exhibition theme). The opening of the exhibition will commence at 7pm on Friday 13th Nov. We’re all looking forward to seeing you there!

–edited by Mark Hammerschmidt and Eric TO
–published by Eric TO

The Past Months, 2015

What has happened to the club during  the past months:

  • 2015-10-12 & 10-26 Club meetings on annual exhibition and club matters.
  • 2015-9-21  “Sin” monthly competition; judged by Ka-Ho Pang. Marie stepped down as Chairperson; and Mark became acting chairperson.
  • 2015-8-24 “Water” monthly competition in new venue – Orange Peel in LKF; judged by Dan and Jeff (members).
  • 2015-8-13 Farewell gathering at and for Delaney’s pub in Wanchai (our meeting venue for the last two years) which was sadly forced to close down.
  • 2015-6-29 “Circle 圓” monthly competition; judged by Ike Eisensehr.
  • 2015-6-15 Club meeting on end-of-year exhibition.
  • 2015-6-1 “Panning” monthly competition; judged by Viveck Bansal
  • 2015-5-11 Club meeting with Jo Farrell as our guest to present her “Bound Feet” photography.
  • 2015-4-16 to 4-29 Cathay Camera Club Black and White Exhibition version 2 at Tai Yau Plaze, Wanchai.
  • 2015-4-27 “Fortune” monthly competition; judged by Victoria Chan
  • 2015-3-30 “White” monthly competition; judged by Michael Lee.
  • 2015-3-9 Club meeting – outing in Central.
  • 2015-2-23 “Abstract” monthly competition; judged by Victoria Chan
  • 2015-2-9 Club meeting – Sarah Choi as our guest to present her street photography.
  • 2015-1-26 “Selfie” monthly competition; judged by Mel Aldridge
  • 2015-1-12 Cathay Camera Club AGM

–edited by Mark Hammerschmidt and Eric TO
–published by Eric TO


AGM and other business

AGM was held on 12th, January, 2015 at Delaney’s Pub, Wan Chai. Marie has summarised it as the following:
· Financial report for 2014: nicely in the black, the club is doing well
· Executive Committee for 2015:
–Chairperson: Marie Duvivier
–Vice Chairman: Mark Hammerschmidt
–Club Secretary: Jeff Mein Smith
–Treasurer for the 10th year (!): William Tam
· Membership fees to be paid to William for 2015: 550 HKD
· Exhibitions:
–Tai Yau Centre in Wan Chai, HK in B&W April 16 to 30
–Cultural Centre: dates to be determined, theme: triptych (3 shots to be taken in HK/Shenzhen/Zuhai/Macau)
· Rules for competitions:
Remain unchanged i.e.: up to 2 prints for special + 1 print for open, same for digital entries: up to 2 for special, 1 for open
Entries for special have to be taken in HK/Shenzhen/Zuhai/Macau
Open: anything, anywhere
Note: we will brief judges in order to start on time, keep their presentation to 30 minutes max when applicable and try to finish the meeting by 10PM
· Themes for competitions will be:
Selfie for Jan.26
For the rest of the year: fortune / circle / panning / relationship / sin / light / water / abstract / white + vice chairman competition
The correct order will be on the calendar to be distributed on Jan.26 and we will provide explanations for ‘fortune’ and ‘circle’ in particular in due course.

Exhibition 2014

Our annual exhibition is a little different this year, in that members have been pushed harder to produce higher quality images of which they can be really proud.
The unusual theme of ‘Hong Kong in Black and White’ was debated at length but then agreed on early in the year. Rather than just turn up in November with some photos which might loosely match the usual, very general exhibition theme, members had to subject their images to peer and professional photographer critique over a few months. If something wasn’t good enough, or could be better done, people were encouraged to go and shoot again.
The results of this fairly challenging process are very pleasing. Choosing to limit ourselves to monochrome has also resulted in visions of Hong Kong, a very colourful city, which may pleasantly surprise, even awe viewers. Some of the textures, shapes, faces and ‘grit’ of this vibrant, complex city have been superbly captured. (written by secretary, Jeff Mein Smith)

(created by member Mark Hammerschmidt)

Hong Kong Black & White photos critique night

Today was about the third time that our members displayed their Hong Kong B&W images for critics. Tonight we were honoured to have Jerome Favre, a French freelance photojournalist (email:, coming to give comments on our images and suggestion on how to make the photos look better. Jerome, who knows Putonghua and reads some Chinese, was working for Bloomberg news as a freelance photojournalist for a quite while and now is working for European Pressphoto Agency. His spending the whole night for us was fruitful and his criticism was really constructive and well received from the members. Our chairperson, Marie, did want us to retake those necessary to make the images more presentable.