Eric To

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Full of enthusiasm on photography. Constantly go out for photo taking with my wife during weekend, and have accumulated more than seventy thousand photos in my iPhoto library. Landscape, trees, birds, insects, village, people are all my interested subjects. I chose trees here for display because I do find trees fascinated. From the top to the root, the trees display their particularly attractive forms in their own way. No tree replicates the other. They are in the wild to be discovered.

My gears

Digital–Canon 5D II
Film–Canon 300, Yashica FX-3
Lens–Canon 100mm, 300mm, 50mm, 24-105mm, Tamron 20-40, Yashica 55mm, Yashica 35-105mm
Flash–Nissin Di866, Nissin Di466, Canon MR-14EX, Panasonic PE-36s
One tripod, one monopod, some reflectors
Printer–Canon 9500