Ben Moldenhauer

Eric To

Full of enthusiasm on photography. Constantly go out for photo taking with my wife during weekend, and have accumulated more than seventy thousand photos in my iPhoto library. Landscape, trees, birds, insects, village, people are all my interested subjects. I chose trees here for display because I do find trees fascinated. From the top to the root, the trees display their particularly attractive forms in their own way. No tree replicates the other. They are in the wild to be discovered.

Jeff Mein Smith

John Meldrum

Ha Si Hung

I made the jump from film to digital photography in 2002 after using B/W and colour film + slides. Digital and especially RAW mode gives me almost full control of the picture taking and processing workflow. (Very few of my images are ever printed) My profession as an architect and my passion for travel led to architectural and landscape photography. Portraits and macro (flowers) are also my favorites. I joined the Club recently with the hope of improving my skills from mere recording to expression through images.

Wesley Heung

I like photo made which is desire practice as metonymy and metaphor. Conceptual visual image and ideas produced always originate from my mind and inspiration , and then, I work out a way to illustrate that in my photo. “The photographic image is a message without a code” quote by Roland Barthes 1980.

Pauline Miller