Club Nights

Copy Cat

Basically, the idea is for your to try to replicate one (or as many as you like, we look at all of them, time permitting) of your favourite photographs. Please bring along a copy of the original so that we all can see what you were trying to achieve. The original could be from a book, or even a digital file would be okay, we can look at it on the laptop. Give it a shot, you might be surprised by what you learn and what result you end up getting.

Studio LIghting



Oschetti Pizza

Pizza Night at Andrea Oschetti\'s\" 4th October 2010.



\"Infrared Photography\" presented by Guest Speaker Jeff Poon. Additional photos by Jeff Mein Smith

Sharing Night


Model Photography

Creative Back Light


Pizza Night

Club Night 5/3/2012

panoramic night

wildlife night

Club Night 9/7/2012


Lighting night club