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Barriers Comp Night

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We had wonderful competition night on the 17th, Septemper 2012. Carsten Schael, our judge, that night genuinely provided us with his skills of photography and comments on our photos. Feedback from our members attended were quite positive although some of us received low scores. And thanks Carsten for his time, which was not his first time to be our judge.
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Hong Kong March View Club Night

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July 1st March and June 4 Memorial Day at Victoria Park have become significant events for part of Hong Kong People. Not many photographers have taken serious and viewable shots on these events. However, we were so graceful on 3/9/2012 that our special guest Mr. Wan Lai Tsing, who is well known among Hong Kong professional photographers, came to showcase his brilliant photojouralism photos, which reviewed of this year July 1st March of Hong Kong and June 4 memorial at Victoria Park.

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Backlit Comp Night

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The theme “Backlit Competition” was proposed by one of our members, S.H.HA, who acted as the judge of this competition held last Monday night (20/8/2012). With his score guidelines (relevancy, artistic merit, technical merit, and bright outlined subject), these special prints and digital competitions were run quite smoothly and successfully. Thanks Mr. S.H. HA. Then, Diane drew from the attending members three judges (Alan, Steve, and Jenny who later was replaced by Andrea due to her early excuse) for the open prints and digital competitions. Although the night lasted a bit late, we did thanks for this group of judges, who gave honest and well taken comments on the photos.

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Digital Effect Comp Night

This July comp night was postponed to this Monday (6/8/2012) due to the typhoon. As expected that, there were not as many as members and guests showing because of the summer vacation. We started with printed submissions for judges to score. The judges, who were drawn from attending members, were Diane, B.H., and Rick. The night was ended with the digital submissions. In between, Sandy updated us the 30th anniversary party. More details will be posted here soon.

The judges –

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Scotland Club Night

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After a shaky start of almost being locked out of The Studio from a newly constructed entrance door, we were able to hold one last meeting there before clean out work begins and new tenants move in. Club Member Rick Behl gave a very interesting and informative presentation on his experiences with a UK Landscape Photography Workshop followed by a selection of his medium format 6x7cm slides taken during that workshop of the beautiful areas around Quirang and Eigol Scotland. Rick covered workshop selection, gear, topics, daily activities, technical aspects and setting up the shots. Many questions were asked. We followed that with a short video of of noted New York headshot photographer Peter Hurley and then brief show and tells by Alan, Sammy and Ali and ended up with another historical Group Photo – our last in the Studio. (Written by John M.; Photos provided by John M.)

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Disposal Camera – Street Portrait Comp Night

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We were honored to have Gary Tyson , our old friend, to be our judge for this theme (Street Portrait using Kodak disposal camera). Besides showing his photos and gear of his speciality on street photography, he also gave us tips on street portrait photography, which are very helpful to our members.
This evening (18/6/2012) may also signify our final meeting at the Studio, which has been our “home” since early 2007. On John’s short speech, we drank to farewell. We had a group photo afterward.
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(Find the differences exercise!)
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Aerial Arts Photoshooting

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The place, which is usually is for women only, was packed with males figures, who carried cameras walking around the rooms on the 10th of June. This is called Pole Divas HK , the place that promotes fitness, femininity, and fun. Organized by our Chairperson, Ali, this aerial arts photoshooting turned out be a really fun and challenging outing for the members. Jady, who is the leader of the team, has diversity in her talent, doing most of the make-up for the line-up. Then the performers Sunny, Jocelyn, Diana, and Flo took turns to hold their gymnastic, elegant, and some difficult poses on the pole, ring, or silk respectively. Surely it was not an easy job since they had to be still for us to take photos.
Go to the Gallery to see the fun part (John Meldrum is credited to this outing photos).

Club Night 4/6/2012

Andy from Unknownphotographer.netimg_8354img_8368
It was a fantastic and fruitful club night. With the introduction from Andy , who is creator of, Richard, with his boyish charm, shared with us his gorguous models’ shots and how he used the flash for the shots. Followed Richard, Stuart, a long time club member, punched at us with his outstanding high-end brands interial and exterial architecture images. Stuart shared not only his skills on architecture photography, but his other skills which have wowed us stunningly on vintage camera restoration. Not mention his skills on using virtual reality technique to simulate physical presence in places such as museums. And at the end, thanks also go to Andy’s special giveaway prize.
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Sport Comp Night

Our Sport Comp Night was held in a “new” venue due to the Studio under renovation. We were so glad that our former member, Victor Bautista , who has been involved part-time professionally in corporate photography, was our special guest judge for this evening competition.
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Before the start of the competition, Ali and John led us having discussion on some business, esp. regarding the 30th anniversary of our club. 36 members and guest joined this evening, which proved to be good comp night. Especially thanks our member, Dhiraj, helped holding the photos for judging.
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Club Night 7/5/2012

Before the feature “Wildlife Presentation”, EGM regarding two motions was held. The result was to delay after discussion and by show of hands from the present of members.
members discussing the motionsPaul with the club memorandumRod's comment on the motionmember commented
Then we had Henrik Olesen presented his work on “Wildlife Photography”. The audience were entertained by his interest, rules, gears of the wildlife photography he has been engaging.
Henrik shows his workmembers viewing Henrik's workmember with Henrik
Besides the above agenda, we also watched a short video titled “Stunning Time-Lapse Portrait of Portland Created with 300,000+ Photos” (searched by yourself if interested), suggested by member S.H. Ha, who challenged if our club could do similar for HK. This was followed immediately by photo presentations from members Andrew, Bing, Eric and Wesley.