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“Water” August 28 Competition Night

“Water” was a special theme for the August 2023 competition night,

and Gareth Brown, a return  

Guest Judge joined the night to give a critique on the members submitted work for that evening. 

We would like to thank Gareth for his time on the night! 

Below you can enjoy some valuable tips from from Gareth on how to improve your photography: 

      – Before you take your photo -always give a question- how can I improve on that specific scene? 

– Pay attention to cropping, focusing, angle, composition, contrast.

– If the image came interesting but feeling “flat” try to process it with LR or PS to bring up the light and object.

As well, we would like to thanks the venue Cultural Club Gallery 

for hosting us once again!


Pomstra Limited

Pomstra Limited

“Light Painting” June 26 Competition Night

June’s Competition Night with the special theme “Light painting”.

The club members was very happy to receive photo-critics from our return Guest Judge Alex Macro is an award-winning photographer with a strong passion for portrait photography who works at a world class level!

Thanks you dear Alex for the love and joy we have received from you for over the last couple of years !

And as usual, please enjoy tips from Alex Macro on how to improve your photo skills :

  • Light has to be low near the ground/bottom of the photo
  • Camera should be low to ground or light trails to fill frame and not to capture uninteresting blown out lights of buildings
  • Photographers need to be able to move their bodies when taking pictures. (He showed us the movement) Stand still and firmly with your legs open wide, bend your knees, that will allow you to move, up and down left and right, and adjust angle to take pictures without having to walk around
  • It’s not easy to take light painting pics in hk as there is always too much ambient light. Find a darker place, and keep trying!

We also would like to thanks the venue Cultural Club Gallery

for hosting us once again.



“Unexpected Point of View ” May 26, 2023 COMPETITION NIGHT

“Unexpected point of view” was a special theme for the June’s 2023 club meeting with new Guest Judge – Simon Wan, who is very talented documentary photographer, his work has been acquired by many local and international private collectors and institutes.

He is also Founder of platform for photography “The Photocrafters”

The night went “unexpectedly” well with lots of great critique! 

Dear Simon, Thank you for your time and knowledge that you have shared with the club!

And here are some tips from Simon Wan to improve your photo skills : 

  1. Pay more attention on the composition especially at the edge of the frame
  2. Hang around for longer , try out different things and keep pushing your limit 
  3. Challenge yourself with just taking one fixed Focal length lens with you
  4. If possible try to use a film camera and shot the thing you did before with a digital camera, it’s a good training because you only see the result after the shot is over

And a big thanks for our venue Cultural Club Gallery for continues support! 

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Pomstra Limited

Processed with VSCO with kk2 preset

Pomstra Limited

CCC Second mentorship meeting on May 22, 2023

CCC second Mentorship meeting on May 22, 2023. 

There was three presentations: 

1. Ewa Wilkinson – Cyanotypes

2. Brian Tong from Spectre Art – Platinum Palladium + Piezographic prints

3. Mike Epstein – Covid photo project

Stay tuned for the next one. 

Thanks Mike Epstein for organising!

“Nifty 50,- 50mm only shots ” APRIL 24, 2023 COMPETITION NIGHT

“Nifty 50, only 50mm shots” was a special theme for the April 2023 competition night,

and William Furniss, who have been helping club for many years was invited as Guest Judge for the night again. 

We would like to thank William for his time on the night and below you can enjoy some valuable tips  from William on how to improve your photography: 

  1. Pay attention to a “moment”, not just to light and graphic 
  2. When you crop, do not leave to much negative space
  3. If using Lightroom : 

      -try not to use clarity slider

      -do not adjust shadows 

      4.  Taking photos in hk street, near the buildings, pay attention and the line, that outlining the building private space on the pavement, do not cross it, in this way guards have no rights to ask you move away from the spot.  

We would like to thanks the venue Cultural Club Gallery for hosting us once again.



Pomstra Limited

Processed with VSCO with kp2 preset

Dancing Tree

Pomstra Limited

Perfectly Imperfect


CCC visit to Sally & Bob Bunker’s home

Cathay Camera Club outing to visit Sally and her husband Bob at their stunning Eden of a home!

Two remarkable lives and two remarkable people who we had the privilege to meet! 

We are grateful for being able to witness their live’s work and stories, sweetened by a sumptuous afternoon tea, surrounded by the gorgeous blooms, attention to detail, intermingled with the pitter patter of the friendliest of pooches!  A feast for the senses! 

Thank you Joe Maher for organizing this inspiring visit!


Club competition meeting on March 27, 2023 with a special theme “Skin”.

Venue was completely full! 

Thank you club members and guests who came to the meeting!

And a special thanks to our Guest Judge Danny Chau for his valuable critique! 

Danny is specialising in Fine Art printing in HK 

Please check on special tips for photographers from Danny Chau: 

“Be honest with oneself when choosing images, even just one photo per month. Try to play with the burning and dodging as in darkroom to GUIDE the viewer where to look first, then the surrounding areas as all images needs dressing up.

Learn to see other’s points of view as we are all unique as competition is never with another person but with the self, only by appreciating others creativity that we can learn to create our own unique work.

The advantage of learning to print is invaluable to any photographer because able to pre-visualise the image in our head can greatly improve our overall quality.” 

Also, special thanks to the Cultural Club Gallery for constant service and support of the club! 

CCC First mentorship meeting on March 23, 2023

CCC first mentorship meeting on March 23. 

There two presentations: 

  • Jeremiah Palmerson shared the story behind his ongoing photo book project about  Yau Ma Tei Typhoon Shelter. 
  • Mike Epstein shared about photo printing, history of it, different paper types, printing methods. 

The evening was really enjoyable learning atmosphere! 

Stay tuned for our next one.

Thanks you Mike for the idea and organisation!