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CCC Second mentorship meeting on May 22, 2023

CCC second Mentorship meeting on May 22, 2023. 

There was three presentations: 

1. Ewa Wilkinson – Cyanotypes

2. Brian Tong from Spectre Art – Platinum Palladium + Piezographic prints

3. Mike Epstein – Covid photo project

Stay tuned for the next one. 

Thanks Mike Epstein for organising!

“Nifty 50,- 50mm only shots ” APRIL 24, 2023 COMPETITION NIGHT

“Nifty 50, only 50mm shots” was a special theme for the April 2023 competition night,

and William Furniss, who have been helping club for many years was invited as Guest Judge for the night again. 

We would like to thank William for his time on the night and below you can enjoy some valuable tips  from William on how to improve your photography: 

  1. Pay attention to a “moment”, not just to light and graphic 
  2. When you crop, do not leave to much negative space
  3. If using Lightroom : 

      -try not to use clarity slider

      -do not adjust shadows 

      4.  Taking photos in hk street, near the buildings, pay attention and the line, that outlining the building private space on the pavement, do not cross it, in this way guards have no rights to ask you move away from the spot.  

We would like to thanks the venue Cultural Club Gallery for hosting us once again.



Pomstra Limited

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Dancing Tree

Pomstra Limited

Perfectly Imperfect


CCC visit to Sally & Bob Bunker’s home

Cathay Camera Club outing to visit Sally and her husband Bob at their stunning Eden of a home!

Two remarkable lives and two remarkable people who we had the privilege to meet! 

We are grateful for being able to witness their live’s work and stories, sweetened by a sumptuous afternoon tea, surrounded by the gorgeous blooms, attention to detail, intermingled with the pitter patter of the friendliest of pooches!  A feast for the senses! 

Thank you Joe Maher for organizing this inspiring visit!


Club competition meeting on March 27, 2023 with a special theme “Skin”.

Venue was completely full! 

Thank you club members and guests who came to the meeting!

And a special thanks to our Guest Judge Danny Chau for his valuable critique! 

Danny is specialising in Fine Art printing in HK 

Please check on special tips for photographers from Danny Chau: 

“Be honest with oneself when choosing images, even just one photo per month. Try to play with the burning and dodging as in darkroom to GUIDE the viewer where to look first, then the surrounding areas as all images needs dressing up.

Learn to see other’s points of view as we are all unique as competition is never with another person but with the self, only by appreciating others creativity that we can learn to create our own unique work.

The advantage of learning to print is invaluable to any photographer because able to pre-visualise the image in our head can greatly improve our overall quality.” 

Also, special thanks to the Cultural Club Gallery for constant service and support of the club! 

CCC First mentorship meeting on March 23, 2023

CCC first mentorship meeting on March 23. 

There two presentations: 

  • Jeremiah Palmerson shared the story behind his ongoing photo book project about  Yau Ma Tei Typhoon Shelter. 
  • Mike Epstein shared about photo printing, history of it, different paper types, printing methods. 

The evening was really enjoyable learning atmosphere! 

Stay tuned for our next one.

Thanks you Mike for the idea and organisation! 


“Night Photography” February 2023 COMPETITION NIGHT

The special theme of the competition evening in February 2023 was “Night photography”.

CCC members are very grateful to Ali Ghorbani, a “multi-time” returning guest judge and previous member of the club who also served as club chairperson about 10 years ago.

We were charged with positivity and so much inspiration, and no doubt it will improve the level of club photography and bring more creativity.



Here are some quotes from Ali G:

1. Especially for night photography you need to be very aware of your exposure and highlights due to the high contrast areas of the scene.

2. The viewer’s eyes are automatically drawn to the brightest spot, so make sure that spot has an interesting subject matter.

3. A photo is made in your heart and your mind, the camera is merely a tool.

4. If you only want nice comments about your work, then show your photos only to your mom.

5. Usually, the best photos are the ones where you don’t see the photographer.

Club we will like to say thanks to the owners and staff of Cultural Club Gallery for allowing the club to use the space!


Pomstra Limited

Pomstra Limited