Calendar 2017

Below are the dates for the Cathay Camera Club meetings for 2017. New members are always welcome. If you are considering joining you may come along on any of these nights to see how we operate. If you are planning to attend please contact the club Chairperson, Mark Hammerschmidt via email at

2017 Calendar
Jan 16th AGM
Feb 6th Competition – Theme “One Dominant Colour”
Feb 27th Competition – Theme “Abandoned Places”
Mar 29th – Silhouettes/Shadows
Apr 10th Flash Photography workshop
Apr 24th – Looking Up
May 21st – Photoshop workshop
May 22nd – Rule of thirds
June 12th – Flash Photography (portrait photoshoot) by Craig Norris
Jun 19th – Portrait/Self Portrait
Jul 3rd – Body of Work lecture by Nathan King
Summer break
Aug 21st – Juxtaposed
Sept 4th Club
Sept 18th – Movement
Oct 16th – Trams
Nov 13th – Symmetry/Asymmetry
Nov 27th Club
Dec 11th Xmas dinner (Could be Dec 18th).