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“Out of focus” – February 2021 competition night

February 22nd was our second competition night of the year, with members submitting to our two monthly competitions.

The first is our Special Theme Competition, which this month is “Out of focus”. Our members are free to interpret this theme however they wish.

Our second competition is our regular Open Theme Competition, in which members can submit images on any them or topic they wish.

Our Guest judge for the evening was David Boyce, a New Zealand born and now Hong Kong based conceptually driven visual artist.

Below are a selection of images from the two competitions.

“Out of focus” Special Theme Gallery:

Below are a selection of images from our regular Open theme competition.

Open Theme Gallery:

“Wildlife” – January 2021 competition night

Our first competition night for 2021 was January’s “Wildlife” themed competition. Our Guest judge for the evening was Robert I. Ferguson – a well known Hong Kong based wildlife photographer

In addition to the Special theme we held our usual Open theme competition as well. Below are a selection of the images from both competitions.

“Wildlife” Special Theme Gallery:

Open Theme Gallery: (our members are free to submit images on any theme they wish).

Exhibition Summary Oct 2020

Cathay Camera Club hosted  its annual photographic exhibition in Hong Kong Cultural Centre, during which, members showed their work to the public.

For the year 2020, Club members  presented  their images on the theme of “MY HONG KONG – A personal perspective”.

Exhibited photographs  included  examples of portraiture, landscape, street photography in both color and black & white formats.

Participating artists:

Andrea Bartolucci, Bharat Khemlani, Brandon Yoon,
Ewa Wilkinson, Henk Jan Pomstra, Ivanna Vivcharyk,
Jeremiah Palmerston, Jeremy H Greenberg, Leo Zank,
Mary Dimitropoulou, Mike Epstein, Mingi Pither,
Mohammed Eldeeb, Phil Pither,  Si Hung Ha (SH),
Valentina Kazanslaya, William Tam, Zoltan Fodor.



All three days of the exhibition were very busy with a few thousands of visitors. It was lovely for the members to be able to share their work with their friends and family, and we were all happy to welcome some of our past Guest Judges –  Robert Ferguson, founder of “Wild creatures Hong Kong” being one of them.

Here are some of the voters’ comments :

Photography can touch the heart ! 

There are many good ones, it was really difficult to choose! 

Wonderful. Very interesting. Great work. Fantastic. Great talents. 

Amazing photos. Simple but amazing.Great variety of styles!

Thanks for opening it to the public and for making it free ! 

Every photo has a meaning and every photo has a soul. 

It is good to see different sides of HK from the photographers,-those impress me.

From the exhibition can be learn a lot 

It is a great initiative to see photography in different perspectives and age groups. All the best to everyone. 

Almost impossible to select the best from among work of such high quality. 

Really appreciate the exhibition as a whole.

I picked the views that can be taken in HK only for the uniqueness 

My favourite ( photo ) one had such symmetry and history expressed with simplicity 

Very impressive photo exhibition with high quality professional standards! 

Was joyful being here, excited to see some more. 

All pictures are very nice, it’s hard to pick my top 3. Thanks for launching this awesome exhibition,  especially that all photos taken in HK 

Every display was awesome, an insight into the artist’s mind and eyes and discovering beauty that lies within. 

Discovered the other side of HK. Very attractive ! 

It is difficult for me to choose three favourite images, because all images are great! 

Thanks for the chance that I enjoy HK images 

Just look forward for more extraordinary photos 

Thank you for sharing the photos about HK and shown the peaceful HK 

The light, expression and the focus of pictures are visible 

Great variety of photos and perspectives! 

All photos are high standard. It is difficult to pick the favourite one!

Excellent ! Mesmerising! Great show! Amazing job !

La premier de tres bien 


Comments from past members of the club:  

Good work colleagues ! 


Great exhibition, excellent images! 

former member John Meldrum


Public vote: At the end of the exhibition, all votes were counted by the committee.

This year the exhibition had a whopping number of visitors and voters – more than 600 people voted for the club’s photos!

The top-5 as voted from the public is as per below:

5th place: “Crystal Clear Waters” by Bharat  Khemlani


4th place: “Multiple Exposures Central” by Andrea Bartolucci


3rd Place: “Buddha Quarantine” by Leo Zank


2nd place: “Super Moon” by Mary Dimitropoulou

1st place: “Mountains High Valleys Low” by Bharat Khemlani

“My HONG KONG – A personal perspective”, was also featured in Press:

Hong Kong Free Press

Sassy hong kong


Sassy Mama

“Street Photography” – March (rescheduled) competition night

June was two for one month at the Cathay Camera Club as, in addition to our regular June competition night, we also had our delayed March competition. March’s Special theme was “Street Photography”, with members free to interpret the theme in whatever way they wish. Our judge for the night was Hong Kong street photographer Vishal Soniji.

Below are a selection of members images submitted to the Special theme competition.

Special Theme gallery: Street Photography

As always we also held our regular Open Theme competition. Below are a selection of images submitted by members.

Open theme gallery


“Smartphone shots” – June competition night

Our June competition night took place at The Social Room (3/F, Won Hing Building, 74-78 Stanley street) and included our usual Open Theme and Special Theme competitions. This months Special theme was “Smartphone shots” and our judge for the night (making a return appearance) was Kirk Kenny (

Special Theme gallery: Smartphone Shots

In addition to our monthly Special theme, we also had our regular Open theme competition, where members are free to submit images on any topic they choose.

Open Theme Gallery

“Abstraction” – May competition night

After our mini “break” in March and our e-meeting in April, it’s high time we resumed our operations in our usual venue. As per normal, our May competition night took place at the “Social Room”, 3/F, Won Hing Building, 74-78 Stanley Street, Central (with appropriate social distancing measures of course).

The Special Theme for May was Abstraction and our judge for this month was David Boyce, a multifaceted artist and a true “Master of abstraction”, as he was introduced to us by his peers.

Those not familiar with his work can have a look at:

Below are a selection of our members images for the special theme….


In addition to the Special theme we also had our regular Open theme. Below are a selection of members images…

“Portrait” – April Competition Night

Following the postponement of our March competition night (new date TBC) the on-going Covid-19 situation resulted in our April meeting moving to a new venue…. Google hangouts. Over the years the club has used a range of different venues including club houses, pubs, photographic studios and restaurants. I believe this is the first time we have hosted a Competition night in Cyberspace.

The theme for the Special competition was “Portrait” and our judge for the night was professional photographer and long time friend of the club, Jo Farrell (Living HERstory). Jo is a photographer and cultural anthropologist who focuses on women’s traditions and cultures; particularly those that are disappearing.

Special Theme Competition

Below are a selection of members images submitted for the Special Theme Competition…


Open Theme Competition

In addition to the monthly Theme we also had our regular Open competition, where members are free to submit images on any topic/genre. Below are a selection of the members Open competition submissions.



“Architecture” February competition night

February’s competition night was the first held at our new venue, The Social Room (3/F, Won Hing Building, 74-78 Stanley street). The theme for the Special competition was “Architecture” and our judge for the night was experienced Architecture/real-estate photographer Grischa Rüschendorf,

Below are a selection of members images submitted for the Special Theme Competition…