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“Wide Angle” October 25 Competition Night

“Wide Angle” was a special theme for Octobers club night, 

And we was fortunate to welcome Catherine Phillips, as a new Guest judge, currently she is working for Economist as a picture editor !

IG @_kpips

Dear Catherine, thanks so much

or coming over to the club and share your knowledge, we

really appreciate your time and effort!

A few general tips from Catherine for better wide-angle/landscape photography:

  • Framing – It sounds obvious but it’s really important with landscape photography to make sure you frame the subject matter correctly before you release the shutter. There’s only so much you can do in photoshop after. The same goes for exposure.
  • People – Think carefully about how people interact with the landscape you’ve chosen to photograph and what they might bring to the composition (e.g. movement, sense of scale, focal point) and be decisive. Make sure any people in your image appear intentionally or not at all.
  • Focal point – This might seem counter intuitive when you’re working with a wide-lens but if you’re photographing people or on the streets try using a smaller depth of field as this will enable you to draw out a focal point.

Also, we would like to thanks the venue Cultural Club Gallery

for continued support!


Pomstra Limited

Pomstra Limited

“Photo Series ” September 25 Competition Night

“Photo Series”, September’s special “once a year” theme, that been in the club for the last few years.

and it was always supported by critique from very knowledgeable and experienced Sarah Greene & Claudia Hinterseer.

Sarah Greene,- Director of Blue Lotus Gallery, Hong Kong’s leading photography gallery established in 2007.   

Claudia Hinterseer,- currently working for SCMP as leading video producer. 

We sincerely thank Sarah and Claudia for their patience as well as expertise critique on our “Photo series” theme over past years.




Thanks the venue Cultural Club Gallery! 

CCC Third MENTORSHIP MEETING ON October 13, 2023

13th October third and last Mentorship night with Mike for 2023 year at Keeping Lee’s Darkroom.

Highlights of the evening: 

  • Participants enjoyed the darkroom and were fortunate to have hands-on experience. 
  • Jeremiah presented and shared his ongoing project using his new film camera, its advantages and challenges! 
  • Mike shared his experience printing on Silver Gelatin photo paper. 

Thanks Mike @analogmike for the idea of Mentorship!  For kindly organising, and sharing your knowledge and experience with others all along the year! 

It is a wonderful contribution to the club .