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“Light Painting” June 26 Competition Night

June’s Competition Night with the special theme “Light painting”.

The club members was very happy to receive photo-critics from our return Guest Judge Alex Macro is an award-winning photographer with a strong passion for portrait photography who works at a world class level!

Thanks you dear Alex for the love and joy we have received from you for over the last couple of years !

And as usual, please enjoy tips from Alex Macro on how to improve your photo skills :

  • Light has to be low near the ground/bottom of the photo
  • Camera should be low to ground or light trails to fill frame and not to capture uninteresting blown out lights of buildings
  • Photographers need to be able to move their bodies when taking pictures. (He showed us the movement) Stand still and firmly with your legs open wide, bend your knees, that will allow you to move, up and down left and right, and adjust angle to take pictures without having to walk around
  • It’s not easy to take light painting pics in hk as there is always too much ambient light. Find a darker place, and keep trying!

We also would like to thanks the venue Cultural Club Gallery

for hosting us once again.