Club competition meeting on March 27, 2023 with a special theme “Skin”.

Venue was completely full! 

Thank you club members and guests who came to the meeting!

And a special thanks to our Guest Judge Danny Chau for his valuable critique! 

Danny is specialising in Fine Art printing in HK https://www.chaudigital.hk/. 

Please check on special tips for photographers from Danny Chau: 

“Be honest with oneself when choosing images, even just one photo per month. Try to play with the burning and dodging as in darkroom to GUIDE the viewer where to look first, then the surrounding areas as all images needs dressing up.

Learn to see other’s points of view as we are all unique as competition is never with another person but with the self, only by appreciating others creativity that we can learn to create our own unique work.

The advantage of learning to print is invaluable to any photographer because able to pre-visualise the image in our head can greatly improve our overall quality.” 

Also, special thanks to the Cultural Club Gallery for constant service and support of the club!