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AGM and other business

AGM was held on 12th, January, 2015 at Delaney’s Pub, Wan Chai. Marie has summarised it as the following:
· Financial report for 2014: nicely in the black, the club is doing well
· Executive Committee for 2015:

· Membership fees for 2015: 550 HKD
· Exhibitions:
–Tai Yau Centre in Wan Chai, HK in B&W April 16 to 30
–Cultural Centre: dates to be determined, theme: triptych (3 shots to be taken in HK/Shenzhen/Zuhai/Macau)
· Rules for competitions:
Remain unchanged i.e.: up to 2 prints for special + 1 print for open, same for digital entries: up to 2 for special, 1 for open
Entries for special have to be taken in HK/Shenzhen/Zuhai/Macau
Open: anything, anywhere
Note: we will brief judges in order to start on time, keep their presentation to 30 minutes max when applicable and try to finish the meeting by 10PM
· Themes for competitions will be:
Selfie for Jan.26
For the rest of the year: fortune / circle / panning / relationship / sin / light / water / abstract / white + vice chairman competition
The correct order will be on the calendar to be distributed on Jan.26 and we will provide explanations for ‘fortune’ and ‘circle’ in particular in due course.