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The 7 Sins Comp Night

The big question was how many of the 7 sins could our members capture in photos and they answered by giving examples from both the human and animal worlds. But can animals be accused of being “sinful” – a very human attribute? Some of the photos suggested they could be. Rather than an invited special guest judge we had three member judges – Jeff volunteered and Andrea and Patrick were chosen by random selection and did a fine job scoring and critiquing. After the introduction by John and Lorenza on various Club activities we dived into the digital images first for a change. Although we only had 32 images to review, it was almost 10pm when we finished those following lots of lively and in depth discussions on approach, improvements, relevance etc. Then on to the prints for a quicker review and scoring session. many thanks to all who attended and assisted with running the evening. –by John M.

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Q-and-A session club night

This club night featured our first formal Q&A session. A BIG thank you to surprise Special Guest Michael Lee (MIGS) and his 80 megapixel, Phase One, 1.4 GB (photoshop) portrait of a European fashion mogul, going into details on the story of the shoot and answering lots of questions about it as well as on other topics. Special thanks also to Bing and his very graphic 8 b&w photo journalist image sequence and story of the man who fell 3 stories, looked dead on the ground but later, miraculously stood up under assistance of police and ambulance crews. Special thanks also to Bernhard Goschin for his 3 prints and talk about his experiences with the smaller sensor size lumix G3 camera and lenses. Plus of course great to see Matthias Meyer again visiting from Vietnam. Details on our forthcoming Nov 23rd Exhibition “A Moment in Time” (thanks Leanne for the suggestion) will be sent out very soon. (quoted from John in CathayCameraClub Facebook)

View more photos here.