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Barriers Comp Night

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We had wonderful competition night on the 17th, Septemper 2012. Carsten Schael, our judge, that night genuinely provided us with his skills of photography and comments on our photos. Feedback from our members attended were quite positive although some of us received low scores. And thanks Carsten for his time, which was not his first time to be our judge.
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Hong Kong March View Club Night

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July 1st March and June 4 Memorial Day at Victoria Park have become significant events for part of Hong Kong People. Not many photographers have taken serious and viewable shots on these events. However, we were so graceful on 3/9/2012 that our special guest Mr. Wan Lai Tsing, who is well known among Hong Kong professional photographers, came to showcase his brilliant photojouralism photos, which reviewed of this year July 1st March of Hong Kong and June 4 memorial at Victoria Park.

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