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Sport Comp Night

Our Sport Comp Night was held in a “new” venue due to the Studio under renovation. We were so glad that our former member, Victor Bautista , who has been involved part-time professionally in corporate photography, was our special guest judge for this evening competition.
[singlepic id=2627 w=320 h=240 float=left]
Before the start of the competition, Ali and John led us having discussion on some business, esp. regarding the 30th anniversary of our club. 36 members and guest joined this evening, which proved to be good comp night. Especially thanks our member, Dhiraj, helped holding the photos for judging.
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Club Night 7/5/2012

Before the feature “Wildlife Presentation”, EGM regarding two motions was held. The result was to delay after discussion and by show of hands from the present of members.
members discussing the motionsPaul with the club memorandumRod's comment on the motionmember commented
Then we had Henrik Olesen presented his work on “Wildlife Photography”. The audience were entertained by his interest, rules, gears of the wildlife photography he has been engaging.
Henrik shows his workmembers viewing Henrik's workmember with Henrik
Besides the above agenda, we also watched a short video titled “Stunning Time-Lapse Portrait of Portland Created with 300,000+ Photos” (searched by yourself if interested), suggested by member S.H. Ha, who challenged if our club could do similar for HK. This was followed immediately by photo presentations from members Andrew, Bing, Eric and Wesley.