Club Night 2/4/2012

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From Hasselblad XPan Panoramic Camera to Fuji GX617 panoramic camera, Brett Craig, member of CCC, who got full scores (20) on two images and almost full score (19) on one image last competition night featuring symmetry, humbly shared his evolution of his gears as well as his technicality of panoramic photography. We did enjoy his talk and learned somethng, esp. the composition of panoramic images, which is somewhat different from 4×3 or 3×2 or portrait photos.
Followed Brett’s sharing, Sammy, Alan and Ali shared their digital images and printed images respectively from their perspective, which were also inspiring. At the same time, Wesley passed around collection of his work in a clear folder. He also got a number of admiration from our members.
HenrikAli presented trophy to Ben
It was also nice to see our “old” members-Ben and Henrik showing at the night; and Ali presented the trophy of winning the best picture of the exhibition 2011 to Ben.