2011 Competition Winners

Here are the winners for 2011:

As announced at the Annual Dinner, our 2011 Competition winners are:

Open Print
First – Wesley Heung
Second – Ali Ghorbani
Third – Eric To

Special Print
First – Eric To
Second – Bernhard Goschin
Third – Lorenza Mazzucco

Open Slide
First – Eric To
Second – Lorenza Mazzucco
Third – Jeff Mein Smith

Special Slide
First – Jeff Mein Smith
Second – Eric To
Third – Billy Leung

2010 Best of Exhibition
Best – Ben Moldenhauer
1st Runner Up – Rick Behl
2nd Runner Up – Patrick Wong

Vice Chairman’s Christmas Competition
First – Bernhard Goschin
1st Runner Up – Bernhard Goschin
2nd Runner Up – Eric To

Congratulations to all.  With the exception of the VC Competition, all winners received a crystal glass trophy.

Final Excel scores are posted over at Google Docs