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2012 Vice Chairman’s Christmas Competition

As is our tradition, we hold a special “Vice Chairman’s Christmas Competition” with the theme determined by our Vice Chairman, this year’s Competition will be held on Monday December 3rd. The details have been drafted by Sandy, our vice-chairperson, as below:
“Portrait of an Icon”
Here’s your opportunity to make contact with your favourite idol, hero, celebrity, or a special someone who inspires you. For our End of Year Christmas Competition, we would like to call for submissions of portraits of an icon. The icon represented in the photograph should be a person who has made substantial contribution to a certain field. The icon does not need to be a famous person that everyone knows; it just needs to be a person who has made a significant contribution worthy of praise.
Please also submit a couple of sentences to explain who your icon is and their contribution via email and we’ll print it out to accompany your image. The explanation will also be read out when we review the submissions.
Each person can only submit two images, and we allow prints and digital entries but no slides.
The prize is something super amazing and will be announced in due course.

Food Comp Night 20/2/2012

The following paragraphs are the sum-ups by John Meldrum, our club secretary and Ali Ghorbani, our club chairperson:
“Great Competition Evening tonight, at least 28 members, new members and guests plus extra special thanks to our very entertaining, super efficient and insightful Judge Lakshmi Harilela. Good mix of digital and slides, 18 each for Special and Open and a very solid lot of print entries 26 open and 20 special. Congratulations to all the high scorers.”
“We were treated to a ‘how to’ presentation by our wonderful and passionate judge Lakshmi, and many thanks to John Meldrum for helping with the presentation setup, organizing the digital comp entries, taking photos and scoring, to Diane Quick for getting the entries and score sheets ready as well as noting the scores, to Jeff Mein Smith for support on scoring, to Eric TO for taking photos of the night and to Sandy Rie for support and organization during the print competition. Last but not least, a huge thanks to our talented club members and friends who shared their passion for photography with us once again!”
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more pictures here

2011 Competition Winners

Here are the winners for 2011:

As announced at the Annual Dinner, our 2011 Competition winners are:

Open Print
First – Wesley Heung
Second – Ali Ghorbani
Third – Eric To

Special Print
First – Eric To
Second – Bernhard Goschin
Third – Lorenza Mazzucco

Open Slide
First – Eric To
Second – Lorenza Mazzucco
Third – Jeff Mein Smith

Special Slide
First – Jeff Mein Smith
Second – Eric To
Third – Billy Leung

2010 Best of Exhibition
Best – Ben Moldenhauer
1st Runner Up – Rick Behl
2nd Runner Up – Patrick Wong

Vice Chairman’s Christmas Competition
First – Bernhard Goschin
1st Runner Up – Bernhard Goschin
2nd Runner Up – Eric To

Congratulations to all.  With the exception of the VC Competition, all winners received a crystal glass trophy.

Final Excel scores are posted over at Google Docs

Feb 6th, 2012 – Pizza Night

“A big thanks to Andrea Oschetti for once again hosting our club in his home last night. It was a wonderful culinary and photographic experience for us!! And thank you to all the club members who attended, especially Jeff Mein Smith for coordinating with Andrea and bringing the dessert, and Lorenza Mazzuccofor all the help in the kitchen.” by Ali Ghorbani, our chairperson

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more pictures here and in our Facebook coverage.