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Blind Photographer Pete Eckert

[vimeo 14179548 nolink]

This Vimeo video of Blind Photographer Pete Eckert has been gaining a lot of attention the past week or so, recommend having a look if you haven’t seen it yet.

From the Artists Wanted website: “Pete was the Grand Prize recipient of Artists Wanted: Exposure 2008, an international photography competition, and was awarded $2,008 with a formal reception at Leo Kesting Gallery in New York City on Thursday August 7, 2008.”

Prokudin-Gorskii Collection

Thanks to Michael Shevloff’s father for forwarding on more details and presentation of colour images by the great Russian Photographer Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii from the early 1900’s documenting the Russian Empire.

These are stunning colour images from over 100 years ago!

The 5.8MB file is available for download.

The US Library of Congress purchased the original glass plates for this collection of 1,902 images back in 1948. More details at

Vice Chairman’s Christmas Competition 2011

As is usual, we give lots of notice about our special End of Year Christmas Competition. Our Vice Chairman for 2011, Jeff Mein Smith, has set this years theme:

Photography with a Conscience/Purpose

Some of the most memorable photos ever have made poignant comments on or records of the human condition. While it won’t be easy in such a safe (dare I say ‘shallow’?) place as Hong Kong, try to present a single image (colour or black & white, print, or digital slide) that expresses for you one small but significant statement about the human condition. This singular image does not have to have people in it, but obviously some link with an aspect of human existence is essential.
You must also present a sealed envelope in which you have placed a simple written statement of intent, or what you think your photo ‘says’. That will be opened and read out after club members have voted on the images and said what they think each image means or expresses for them.
Please note: traditional slides won’t be accepted for logistic reasons.

Some examples can be found here.