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Grey Card and Photographers Rights

Alexis sends in details of a clever dual purpose “Grey Card and Photographers Rights” product. Again probably directed more at photography in the US or UK but useful everywhere. This petapixel site looks interesting for other things… including a link to… “24 Hour Photo” An intriguing and very different astronomy image of the sky over… Read More

Black & White competition results

[singlepic id=27 w=537 h=358 float=center] A great competition start for 2011, 26 members and guests attended our “Black and White” comp on Jan 24th. We held another “surprise” members judging evening and enjoyed the additional comments from both judges and photographers. Special thanks to Lorenza, Dhiraj and Michael Shevloff for being our judges. Some photos of the… Read More

Photography and the Law

Paul sent in various articles on photography and videos in public places in the US. One link from a security blog. The War on Cameras is a long but fascinating (and disturbing) read. The War on Photography, from 2008 but relevant.

Calendar and Competition Themes for 2011

We have determined the competition and meeting calendar for 2011 and is available here. The Special Subject Competition themes and dates are: Jan 24th Black and White Feb 21st Chinese New Year Mar 21st Long Exposure Apr 18th Fear and Unease May 23rd Dirty and Disgusting Things Jun 20th Disposable Camera Jul 18th Self Portrait… Read More

AGM – Preliminary Changes

Last night’s AGM went very well, minutes will be released in due course, 26 members and “soon to be members” attended. Our first competition Special Subject Theme for Monday January 24th will be “Black and White” Second competition theme for Feb 21st will be “Chinese New Year” Open competition also of course. Prints or slides… Read More

2010 Competition Winners

As announced at the Annual Dinner, our 2010 Competition winners are: Open Print First – Ali Ghorbani Second – Michael Sack Third – Eric To Special Print First – Mart van de Ven Second – Ali Ghorbani Third – Bernhard Goschin Open Slide First – Rick Behl Second – Eric To Third – Michael Sack… Read More

“Som Tot Moy” – Cambodia Lives Exhibition

Our good friends Gary Tyson and Chris Dixon of F8 Photography, will be holding their: “Som Tot Moy” Cambodia Lives Exhibition All sales profits from any pictures sold will be directed to the charity: CAMKIDS Charity Taken from the Cambodian language of Khmer “som tot moy’” literally translates into English as “One picture please”. This… Read More

2011 Annual General Meeting

The Club’s Annual General Meeting will be held this coming Monday 10th January, 7:30pm start. Bulldogs Bar & Grill Lounge 1F Tsim Sha Tsui Centre 66 Mody Road Tsim Sha Tsui East  TST MTR/East Rail exit P1 Tsim Sha Tsui Center is mid way between Shangri-la Hotel and Intercontinental Grand Stanford Hotel. Food and drinks are… Read More