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The Past Months, 2015

What has happened to the club during  the past months:

  • 2015-10-12 & 10-26 Club meetings on annual exhibition and club matters.
  • 2015-9-21  “Sin” monthly competition; judged by Ka-Ho Pang. Marie stepped down as Chairperson; and Mark became acting chairperson.
  • 2015-8-24 “Water” monthly competition in new venue – Orange Peel in LKF; judged by Dan and Jeff (members).
  • 2015-8-13 Farewell gathering at and for Delaney’s pub in Wanchai (our meeting venue for the last two years) which was sadly forced to close down.
  • 2015-6-29 “Circle 圓” monthly competition; judged by Ike Eisensehr.
  • 2015-6-15 Club meeting on end-of-year exhibition.
  • 2015-6-1 “Panning” monthly competition; judged by Viveck Bansal
  • 2015-5-11 Club meeting with Jo Farrell as our guest to present her “Bound Feet” photography.
  • 2015-4-16 to 4-29 Cathay Camera Club Black and White Exhibition version 2 at Tai Yau Plaze, Wanchai.
  • 2015-4-27 “Fortune” monthly competition; judged by Victoria Chan
  • 2015-3-30 “White” monthly competition; judged by Michael Lee.
  • 2015-3-9 Club meeting – outing in Central.
  • 2015-2-23 “Abstract” monthly competition; judged by Victoria Chan
  • 2015-2-9 Club meeting – Sarah Choi as our guest to present her street photography.
  • 2015-1-26 “Selfie” monthly competition; judged by Mel Aldridge
  • 2015-1-12 Cathay Camera Club AGM

–edited by Mark Hammerschmidt and Eric TO
–published by Eric TO


Shadow comp night

[singlepic id=4099 w=320 h=240 float=none]
We were glad to have Mr. Earl Wan to come as our monthly competition judge. Although Earl has a background in illustration and animation, he specializes also in fashion photography. His works are stunning. With his fine art background also, his comments on our photos were well received by our members. Again, we thanked his generosity of his time and effort.

Click here to View more photos of that night (Wesley was our event photographer that evening.)

Lighting tutorial lesson club night

While our chairperson, Henrik, was away from HK, Jeff and Michael were leading this lighting tutorial session as our club night activity held on 6th, May, 2013. They illustrated how to use of light in shooting with different gears, slides, as well as on site strobes’ setup with our volunteer member as model (thanks Uzma for being the volunteer). It was a fun and enlightening tutorial. The punchline of that day was from Jeff when he responded to the expensive Bonical trigger, “the sky is your free light source!”
Thanks so much for Jeff and Michael for generosity of their time as well as for bringing in heavy gears to show us.

Click here to View more photos of that night (Wesley was our event photographer that evening.)

Frame in a Frame Comp Night

[singlepic id=3959 w=320 h=240 float=none]
We had Jeff Mein Smith (former chairperson, facing us) and Henrik Olesen (present chairperson) to act as our judges in prints and digitals competitions respectively that evening. Their comment were well received. Although there were a lot of submissions, the timing was well organised and proceeded.

Click here to View more photos of that night (accredited to Wesley)

The first club competition meeting night

[singlepic id=3920 w=320 h=240 float=none]
It was a surprisingly full house that night. A lot of new faces, either guests or newly joined members, were seen. Thanks Gareth Jones who was our special judge, who gave us presentation of his recent work and then spent the whole evening judging and giving us valuable comments on our competition photos. It was a grateful evening.

Thanks also Wesley being our official photographer that evening. Please click here to see his photos regarding this competition evening.

From Film to Digital Camera Club Night

[singlepic id=3499 w=320 h=240 float=left]
For Monday 5th of November 2012 Cathay Camera Club Members and friends had a night out at Club Member Klaus Chan’s shop in Tsim Sha Tsui. Klaus has setup his second hand camera business in a back room of the “Hong Kong Audio & Video Shop” on 1st Floor, No. 2 Humphrey’s Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui. After general chit chat, distribution of Flyers for our 2012 Annual Exhibition and Club News from Chairman Ali, Klaus began his presentation. Klaus talked of some of the history of the older film cameras from the ’70’s, 80’s and 90’s and lenses and moving onto more recent digitals and adapter mounts for older lenses. Some of us still shoot with film, many of us used to and certainly handling the gear again brought back happy memories or rekindled a desire to move back to film.

One of the outstanding aspects (for me) was the clarity and size of the viewfinders of some of these film cameras (e.g. the Nikon F801S) – so much better than most of the DSLRs we use now.
Also the smaller (very solid and robust) bodies incorporating all we’re familiar with now – autofocus, full mode controls, motor drive, viewfinder info display, top LCD panel etc. – apart from no rear LCD image display or digital image sensor. Why can’t DSLRs have the same size and form factor?

We all had a good play with the cameras and some making direct comparisons with the performance of their latest and greatest DSLRs. Some of us then went home (or work!) whilst others headed off for supper and some night shooting. A very pleasant, interesting and different meeting from our usual setting. Many thanks to Klaus for hosting us and sharing his passion for film cameras and older but great lenses. — written and photographed by John M.


View more photos here.

Q-and-A session club night

This club night featured our first formal Q&A session. A BIG thank you to surprise Special Guest Michael Lee (MIGS) and his 80 megapixel, Phase One, 1.4 GB (photoshop) portrait of a European fashion mogul, going into details on the story of the shoot and answering lots of questions about it as well as on other topics. Special thanks also to Bing and his very graphic 8 b&w photo journalist image sequence and story of the man who fell 3 stories, looked dead on the ground but later, miraculously stood up under assistance of police and ambulance crews. Special thanks also to Bernhard Goschin for his 3 prints and talk about his experiences with the smaller sensor size lumix G3 camera and lenses. Plus of course great to see Matthias Meyer again visiting from Vietnam. Details on our forthcoming Nov 23rd Exhibition “A Moment in Time” (thanks Leanne for the suggestion) will be sent out very soon. (quoted from John in CathayCameraClub Facebook)

View more photos here.