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“Shadow” – Theme Night, June 24th 2024

Thanks to all who came along to our “Shadow” theme night on the 24th May.

Our judge for the evening was our very own Jeremy Greenberg, a National Geographic published photographer originally from New York. Jeremy has judged for us a number of times in the past and we were very happy that he agreed to give us all feedback again.

Jeremy shared some shadow-photography related tips with us at the beginning of the evening:
-To take a photo, confirm the subject first, then use various compositional skills, including size, colors/B and W, leading lines, negative space etc., to complete and to enhance the photo.
– just because there’s a shadow in picture doesn’t mean it’s shadow photography
-work the scene. Have to work it, focus. camera doesn’t make the photograph, the time does.
-photography is like meditation with eyes open

Thanks again to Culture Club Gallery for hosting us!

“Self Portrait” Theme Night – May 27th 2024

Thanks to all who came along to our “Self Portrait” theme night on the 27th May.

Our judge for the evening was Alex Macro @alexmacro, an award winning photographer who is a long term friend of the club who has judged for us a number of times in the past.

Alex shared a deeply personal story to encourage us to continue developing our photography, even during difficult times in our lives, if we can stay focused we might find it’s an opportunity to create or shoot something very different (in Alex’s case he shot an award winning photograph of a wild white horse in the Camarge region of France during a particularly difficult time in his life.)

For self-portraits, Alex was looking for striking photographs which show the photographer’s personality and make him want to know the person more.

You can see Alex’s work here:

Thanks again to Culture Club Gallery for hosting us!

Mingi Pither “World Explorer” – 23rd May Event

On the 23rd May “World Explorer” Mingi Pither @mingipither presented photographs and travel advice based on her many expeditions, including Pakistan, Bolivia, Patagonia (Argentina and Chile), Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico

Mingi compared and contrasted the various desinations:
– Pakistan(hidden gem, friendly people, historic sites and fairy tale like meadows and lake)
– Bolivia(completely dry mirror lake, flamingos and wide landscape)
– Patagonia (Argentina glaciers, wild animals and trekking in famous mountain The Torres in Chile)
– USA (typical western scenes: antelope canyon, monument valley, Powell lake and horseshoe bay).

The event was well attended and enjoyed by all.

Mingi is currently planning to organise a club trip to Pakistan in early 2025.

“Long Lens” Theme Night – April 29th 2024

Thanks to all who came along to our “Long Lens” theme night on the 30th April.

Our judge for the evening was Marc Progin (@marc.progin ), a photographer, writer and adventurer. Marc shared stories of his 30,000km odyssey around Mongolia (including a fascinating story of how he prepared an eagle for travelling on commercial flights). We’re grateful that Marc shared some of his photographs, including some from his current exhibition entitled “Sanctuary Frozen in Time” which is currently showing at La Galerie Paris 1839 @lagaleriehk
You can see Marc’s work here:

Marc chose Sandra Ormiston’s photograph “The Escape” as his image of the month, congratulations Sandra

Thanks again to Culture Club Gallery for hosting us!

“Negative Space” Theme Night – 26th March 2023

Thanks to all who came along to our “Negative Space” theme night on the 26th March, it was a really fun night which saw several of us nursing hangovers the following morning…

Our judge for the evening was Paul McKenzie (@paulconormckenzie), a six time Nature’s Best and two times Wildlife Photographer of the year honoree. Paul shared some of his amazing photographs and the incredible stories behind them, you can see some of these images and read more about Paul at

Thanks again to Culture Club Gallery for hosting us!

Paul selected Gary Jones’s photograph “Tea for Two” as his image of the month.


Christmas Party 2023 on December 11

Our final event for the CCC 2023 was Christmas dinner at Portuguese restaurant Majestic Lisboa, lovely place with yummy food and music, and we even got to dance! 

Big Congratulations to our monthly competition winners for year 2023. 

Special Category 

  • 1st place: Ayesha Curate 
  • 2nd place: Gary Jones 
  • 3rd place:  Ewa Wilkinson 

Open Category 

  • 1st place: Gary Jones 
  • 2nd place: shared between Ewa Wilkinson & Zinc Lau
  • 3rd place: Ayesha Curate 

We would like to say a big thank you to all 2023 CATHAY CAMERA CLUB MEMBERS for their great work over the year, showing us all the wonderful images and making this club so alive.

Many Thanks to our GUEST JUDGES who kindly volunteered at the competition nights and shared their experiences!

As well, we would like to say thanks to Cultural Club Gallery, to the owner and stuff of the venue for  their kind & warm service over the last years and for offering to use the space for the coming year!

We looking forward to the New 2024 club year!

Have a lovely and joyful Christmas Holidays!!!


“Abstract” November 27 Competition Night

Thanks to everyone that came along for the last competition night of 2023 with the special theme “Abstract”! 

And a special thanks to Alex Chan Tsz Yuk, who is photojournalist, covering the civil unrests, human rights, international issues and conflicts, for being our guest judge. 

Please check his work on: , IG @acfoto.cty

Also check on few tips shared by Alex when we taking and editing photos : 

  • caption can help to express the  image and move to another level up
  • Context/story can help to add another layer to the image
  • Story behind also can help to make pics more memorable

And as always, we are thankful to our venue Cultural Club Gallery

and it’s staff  for accommodating the club over the whole 2023 year!!! 

Pomstra Limited


Pomstra Limited


“Wide Angle” October 25 Competition Night

“Wide Angle” was a special theme for Octobers club night, 

And we was fortunate to welcome Catherine Phillips, as a new Guest judge, currently she is working for Economist as a picture editor !

IG @_kpips

Dear Catherine, thanks so much

or coming over to the club and share your knowledge, we

really appreciate your time and effort!

A few general tips from Catherine for better wide-angle/landscape photography:

  • Framing – It sounds obvious but it’s really important with landscape photography to make sure you frame the subject matter correctly before you release the shutter. There’s only so much you can do in photoshop after. The same goes for exposure.
  • People – Think carefully about how people interact with the landscape you’ve chosen to photograph and what they might bring to the composition (e.g. movement, sense of scale, focal point) and be decisive. Make sure any people in your image appear intentionally or not at all.
  • Focal point – This might seem counter intuitive when you’re working with a wide-lens but if you’re photographing people or on the streets try using a smaller depth of field as this will enable you to draw out a focal point.

Also, we would like to thanks the venue Cultural Club Gallery

for continued support!


Pomstra Limited

Pomstra Limited

“Photo Series ” September 25 Competition Night

“Photo Series”, September’s special “once a year” theme, that been in the club for the last few years.

and it was always supported by critique from very knowledgeable and experienced Sarah Greene & Claudia Hinterseer.

Sarah Greene,- Director of Blue Lotus Gallery, Hong Kong’s leading photography gallery established in 2007.   

Claudia Hinterseer,- currently working for SCMP as leading video producer. 

We sincerely thank Sarah and Claudia for their patience as well as expertise critique on our “Photo series” theme over past years.




Thanks the venue Cultural Club Gallery!