Annual exhibition 2023

Welcome to the Cathay Camera Club annual exhibition 2023 preview.

Founded in 1982 the Cathay Camera Club aims to bring together Hong Kong based photographers of all skill levels and nationalities who are keen to develop their photographic skills and techniques in a relaxed atmosphere. The club meets each month for competition nights, where the members submit their images on a chosen theme to be judged by Hong Kong professional photographers and artists.

Each year, Cathay Camera Club hosts an annual photographic exhibition in which members show their work to the public.

For this 2023 year, Club members will present their images on the theme of


Exhibited photographs will include examples of portraiture, landscape, street in both color and black & white formats.



The Hong Kong Cultural Centre, ( G/F, Foyer) 10 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

October  4-8, 2023 

Participating artists:

  • Jon Babek
  • Emma Beal
  • Davide Benvegnu 
  • Quentin Delesalle
  • Marlies Gerritsen-Feenstra
  • Jeremy H. Greenberg 
  • S.H. Ha 
  • Paul Houge 
  • Hafsa Khan
  • Bharat Khemlani 
  • Billy T. S. Leung 
  • Frank Liu 
  • Zinc Lau 
  • Col Sim 
  • William Tam 
  • Colleen Tsai 
  • Divya Umesh 
  • Christopher van Vreden 
  • Ivanna Vivcharyk 
  • Ewa Wilkinson

The exhibition is open to the public and free to enter. We hope to see you there.


Dear exhibition guests, thanks for visiting & for taking part in Voting for your favourites!

The voting results from our annual exhibition “My Hong Kong Neighborhood” are in and please congratulate our talented photogtaphers! 

1st place: “Fairyland” by Davide Benvegnu

2nd place: “Shopkeeper” by Marlies Gerritsen-Feenstra

3rd place: “Backstage at the Opera” by Marlies Gerritsen-Feenstra

A big thank you to all 20 participating artists who made this a success and an even bigger thank you to all who voted (a whooping 800 + viewers)!

“Fairyland” by Davide Benvegnu

“Shopkeeper” by Marlies Gerritsen-Feenstra

“Backstage at the Opera”, by Marlies Gerritsen-Feenstra