Annual exhibition 2019

Welcome to the Cathay Camera Club annual exhibition 2019 preview.

Founded in 1982 the Cathay Camera Club aims to bring together Hong Kong based photographers of all skill levels and nationalities who are keen to develop their photographic skills and techniques in a relaxed atmosphere. The club meets each month for competition nights, where the members submit their images on a chosen theme to be judged by Hong Kong professional photographers and artists. Each year the club hosts an annual exhibition in which members show their work to the public.


The theme for this years exhibition is “Simply Hong Kong”. Members will display images that, for them, best evoke Hong Kong.


The Hong Kong Cultural Centre, 10 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

This years exhibition takes place from 29th November until 1st December 2019

Friday 29th Nov  12.00am – 11.00pm
Saturday 30th Nov  9.00am – 11.00pm
Sunday 1st Dec  9.00am – 8.00pm

Exhibition Preview

Exhibiting Artists


I like to think of myself as a storyteller. Though I was a semi-professional motor sports photographer, I also find joy in portraiture and streetscapes.

Andrea Bartolucci

I’m a beginner photography enthusiast, I shoot mainly abstract photography and street photography.


I believe it is the photographer that brings to life the profound stories behind the amazing experiences and inspiring landscapes.


For me photography is self-expression in visual form


I am an artist working in the medium of photography. I don’t take photographs to show what you would see, if you stood on the same piece of earth as me. Instead I offer an alternate view; an attempt to show the beauty of the ordinary and the everyday, that you might not notice as you rush past.

Elliot Wolfe

Images can communicate on a dimension far beyond the written word. I enjoy street life; moments in time that capture a part of the history that is unfolding.

Ewa Wilkenson

Capturing images helps us pause, observe, relax, bring balance into our lives, connect with the world, and express ourselves creatively.

Fannie Wong

Event and Portrait Photographer


Professional, Food, Portrait & Event Photographer

Hanna Torneus

Photographer by passion, I love taking out my Nikon camera on the streets. Every day scenes catch my attention daily.

Henk Pomstra

Amateur photographer and gearhead with preference for portrait and night photograpy, shoots both digital and film, 35mm and medium format.

Hung Ha Si

Pure amateur with preference for landscapes, architecture, travel & nature. For own enjoyment & sharing.

Ivanna Vivcharyk

Photography is a way of Meditation, where we can be at present moment, pay attention to simple things that surrounding you. 

Jeremiah Palmerston

Through photography I share my experiences with family in USA, allowing me to show the simple, yet unique, characteristics of Hong Kong


Professional Event Photographer for Professional Hongkongers

Leeh Ann

Amateur photographer who uses photography as a personal therapy and for sharing stories. Also uses it to find her place in the city where she works and to connect to the people especially to the locals and her fellow migrants.


Professional product and advertising photographer


I photograph, therefore I am. This is my way of calling others to explore places and cultures, people and feelings.

Michael Epstein

Obsessed amateur photographer, using my camera to document life on the road and at my adopted home of HK in a visually interesting way.

Mohammed Eldeeb

Why not? Making you look exactly where you don’t want to look, where you never want to look. The corner of your eye. 

Myroslav Dvornyk

Photographs can communicate to viewers in which words cannot

Olga Mihova

As a passionate street photographer, I believe that the camera is just an instrument that teaches people to appreciate the moment

Sabrina Wen

Chase the light, play with the light, and I learnt find beauty at trash bin. Photography is my best friend and my cameras are my best boy friends. Cheers! 

Sameer Srivastav

In search of AHAs hidden in the everyday & obvious 


Photographer enthusiast. Art director for

William Tam

I just love nature, sunrise & sunset.