“Self Portrait” Theme Night – May 27th 2024

Thanks to all who came along to our “Self Portrait” theme night on the 27th May.

Our judge for the evening was Alex Macro @alexmacro, an award winning photographer who is a long term friend of the club who has judged for us a number of times in the past.

Alex shared a deeply personal story to encourage us to continue developing our photography, even during difficult times in our lives, if we can stay focused we might find it’s an opportunity to create or shoot something very different (in Alex’s case he shot an award winning photograph of a wild white horse in the Camarge region of France during a particularly difficult time in his life.)

For self-portraits, Alex was looking for striking photographs which show the photographer’s personality and make him want to know the person more.

You can see Alex’s work here: https://www.alexmacro.com/

Thanks again to Culture Club Gallery for hosting us! http://www.cultureclub.com.hk