Mingi Pither “World Explorer” – 23rd May Event

On the 23rd May “World Explorer” Mingi Pither @mingipither presented photographs and travel advice based on her many expeditions, including Pakistan, Bolivia, Patagonia (Argentina and Chile), Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico

Mingi compared and contrasted the various desinations:
– Pakistan(hidden gem, friendly people, historic sites and fairy tale like meadows and lake)
– Bolivia(completely dry mirror lake, flamingos and wide landscape)
– Patagonia (Argentina glaciers, wild animals and trekking in famous mountain The Torres in Chile)
– USA (typical western scenes: antelope canyon, monument valley, Powell lake and horseshoe bay).

The event was well attended and enjoyed by all.

Mingi is currently planning to organise a club trip to Pakistan in early 2025.