“Night Photography” February 2023 COMPETITION NIGHT

The special theme of the competition evening in February 2023 was “Night photography”.

CCC members are very grateful to Ali Ghorbani, a “multi-time” returning guest judge and previous member of the club who also served as club chairperson about 10 years ago.

We were charged with positivity and so much inspiration, and no doubt it will improve the level of club photography and bring more creativity.

Web: www.aligstudios.com


Here are some quotes from Ali G:

1. Especially for night photography you need to be very aware of your exposure and highlights due to the high contrast areas of the scene.

2. The viewer’s eyes are automatically drawn to the brightest spot, so make sure that spot has an interesting subject matter.

3. A photo is made in your heart and your mind, the camera is merely a tool.

4. If you only want nice comments about your work, then show your photos only to your mom.

5. Usually, the best photos are the ones where you don’t see the photographer.

Club we will like to say thanks to the owners and staff of Cultural Club Gallery for allowing the club to use the space!



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Pomstra Limited