Monday 20th June – Competition Night – “Windows”

Our next meeting on Monday 20th June is a competition night and as usual we will be running “Open” and a “Special Themed” competitions. I am very pleased to announce that our judge for the evening will be Marcel Heijnen. Marcel is a visual artist, designer and musician who uses photography as the main medium for his art, exploring its boundaries in a quest for beauty and expression that goes beyond realism, but gets perhaps a little closer to truth.

Marcel is a co-founder of both Chemistry – the design collective, and Artistry – the Gallery Cafe.

The meeting will start at 7:30pm at our usual venue, the upstairs function room at Iberico & Co Restaurant.

Guests welcome.

1. Special theme Photo Competition

This week’s Special theme is “Windows” and, as always, how you interpret the Special Theme is entirely up to you. Please note that new submission guidelines are in effect this year. You may submit up to two images to the Special theme competition and they may be in any combination of Print, Digital or Slide format.

Restrictions on special theme submissions – the images should have been taken within the last 12 months. However, unlike previous years, there is no geo-restriction – (There is no longer a requirement for them to be taken in Hong Kong, Macao, Zhuhai or Shenzhen only).

2. Open theme Photo Competition
You may also submit images for this week’s Open theme competition on any theme/topic of your choosing. As above you may submit up to two images to the Open theme competition and you may submit them in any combination of Print, Digital or Slide format. There are no geographical restrictions on where images can be taken and no time limit within which they must have been taken.

3. Guests
As always guests are welcome to attend the meeting and may submit images to both competitions. However their scores will not contribute to the year end scoring.

4. Image submission rules
Print/Slide submissions
You need to arrive no later than 7.15 on the night so that judging sheets can be prepared in time for the 7.30 start.

Please ensure your prints are suitably mounted for ease of viewing/judging. Write your name and the picture’s title clearly on the back of the mount. If the image has been extensively manipulated (multiple exposures blended, compositing, major cloning etc) please add an M for Manipulated. Unmanipulated images can optionally be marked with a U.

If you have prints, you need to arrive no later than 7:15pm to submit them. So, to avoid disappointment, please be on time. Better yet come early and eat dinner or help to set up.

Digital submissions
Digital Images must be submitted via email to no later than Sunday midnight; with the subject line of the email as “Windows competition”.


Please label you digital images in the following format:

1 or 2,Author’s First Name Last Name,Image Title,F/D,U/M,O/S

where 1 = first image and 2 = second image, followed by
Your Name
The title of the image
F= shot on film & scanned/D=Digital image
O=Open Competition/S=Special theme competition

1,Bill Smith,On Fire,P,M,S
2,Bill Smith,Flower,D,U,O

Minimum image size 1280×800 pixels, bigger better but limit file size to 2MB maximum.

As backup, please also bring your digital images on Monday.

* Manipulated means Images that have been composited from more than one image or had major cloning that significantly alters the image. These should be marked M for Manipulated.
Images that have had tonal/exposure adjustments, dodging and burning, cropping, minor cloning, conversion to black and white or the application of filters are considered Unmanipulated.

5. Meeting location Details
We’ll be at Iberico & Co Restaurant from 7pm. 18 Shelley Street (next to the Escalator, just up from Staunton Street).
Google maps link: Iberico & Co

6. Cancellations due to weather
If a Black Rainstorm Warning or Pre-No. 8 Special Announcement or Typhoon Warning Signal No. 8 or above is issued or in effect 2 hours prior to the meeting start, the meeting will be cancelled without notice.

See you Monday.