Exhibition 2014

Our annual exhibition is a little different this year, in that members have been pushed harder to produce higher quality images of which they can be really proud.
The unusual theme of ‘Hong Kong in Black and White’ was debated at length but then agreed on early in the year. Rather than just turn up in November with some photos which might loosely match the usual, very general exhibition theme, members had to subject their images to peer and professional photographer critique over a few months. If something wasn’t good enough, or could be better done, people were encouraged to go and shoot again.
The results of this fairly challenging process are very pleasing. Choosing to limit ourselves to monochrome has also resulted in visions of Hong Kong, a very colourful city, which may pleasantly surprise, even awe viewers. Some of the textures, shapes, faces and ‘grit’ of this vibrant, complex city have been superbly captured.

(created by member Mark Hammerschmidt)