Christmas and Award Dinners

It was held on 9th of December, 2013 at the Delaney Restaurant. More than twenty persons including spouse of some members. Size was small but enjoyable. Food and wine were good this time. Instead of buying tickets for lucky draw, this time draw remained, however, every body got a chance to get a price, because every one donated a price for this event. This was always a fun time. Jeff presenting a appreciation gift as an acknowledgement to our chairperson, Henrik, was also a highlight that evening. Henrik deserved a 1DX camera! Everyone has a good applause and laugh.

Awards of 2013 –
Special Print: 1st – Eric To; 2nd – Leanne Sercombe; 3rd – Pauline Miller
Open Print: 1st – Pauline Miller; 2nd – Eric To; 3rd – Leanne Sercombe
Special Digital/Slide: 1st Pauline Miller; 2nd – Ali Ghorbani Varzideh; 3nd – Alan Fung
Open Digital/Slide: 1st – Ali Ghorbani Varzideh; 2nd – Alan Fung; 3nd – Pauline Miller

Best of Exhibition: Ali Ghorbani Varzideh

Vice Chair’s Christmas Photo Competition: Bernhard Goschin

Congratulation to all of them!

Please click to view all the photos of that evening.