Shoreline/At the Beach & Face in the Crowd Comp Nights

We were so pleased to have our old friend Michael Lee and Richard Chen as well being our August and September competition nights judges. Both of them are professional in photography and also own their companies. Michael is the owner/operator of MIGS foto and specialises in automotive photography using CGI special skill while Richard is owner of Chaoxangel and specialises in fashion photography and retouching. Both of them have similar approach to photography due to their jobs – having a perfect photos in a control environment including the subject(s) and lighting. Therefore, any unplanned snapshots were unacceptable to them. And we did feel be tough with their way of judging, which at all was good for us. They pushed us to think again when we compose our photos in the future time. We should appreciate that.

Please click August / September to see the photos of thatcompetition nights.