Back to the basics

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On the 8th of April, members gathered to attend the “ABC training in basic camera and photography skills”, leaded by Henrik, our chairperson, and Michael Lee, our friend as well as a commercial professional photographer. Jeff as well as other senior members chipped in their contribution on how to understand the basic techniques and skills of the camera and photography. Below are quotes from some of the members’ comments from FB:

Uzma said, “Henrik, Thanks so much for taking out the time and making such an effort last night. It was really helpful to me as a newbie.””Michael,Thank you as always .it was good to have you up there as well”

Klaus said, “Dear Henrik, Thank you for the great tutorial last night. It was a night I was waiting for since I’ve joined the club 4 years ago. I’ve learned more in these 2 hours than I’ve learned in 20 years on my own. Thanks for your patience in answering all my questions and thanks to Jeff for his help and comments. Hope there’ll be much more to come and there’ll be more attendance of other members.”

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