Aerial Arts Photoshooting

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The place, which is usually is for women only, was packed with males figures, who carried cameras walking around the rooms on the 10th of June. This is called Pole Divas HK , the place that promotes fitness, femininity, and fun. Organized by our Chairperson, Ali, this aerial arts photoshooting turned out be a really fun and challenging outing for the members. Jady, who is the leader of the team, has diversity in her talent, doing most of the make-up for the line-up. Then the performers Sunny, Jocelyn, Diana, and Flo took turns to hold their gymnastic, elegant, and some difficult poses on the pole, ring, or silk respectively. Surely it was not an easy job since they had to be still for us to take photos.
Go to the Gallery to see the fun part (John Meldrum is credited to this outing photos).