Food Comp Night 20/2/2012

The following paragraphs are the sum-ups by John Meldrum, our club secretary and Ali Ghorbani, our club chairperson:
“Great Competition Evening tonight, at least 28 members, new members and guests plus extra special thanks to our very entertaining, super efficient and insightful Judge Lakshmi Harilela. Good mix of digital and slides, 18 each for Special and Open and a very solid lot of print entries 26 open and 20 special. Congratulations to all the high scorers.”
“We were treated to a ‘how to’ presentation by our wonderful and passionate judge Lakshmi, and many thanks to John Meldrum for helping with the presentation setup, organizing the digital comp entries, taking photos and scoring, to Diane Quick for getting the entries and score sheets ready as well as noting the scores, to Jeff Mein Smith for support on scoring, to Eric TO for taking photos of the night and to Sandy Rie for support and organization during the print competition. Last but not least, a huge thanks to our talented club members and friends who shared their passion for photography with us once again!”
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