AGM 2012

AGM was held at The Studio, 7:30pm 16th, January 2012.

The following highlights was drafted by John, former Chairperson as well as Secretary:
“We welcome Ali Ghorbani as our Nominated Chairman for 2012.

Ali will be ably supported by Sandy Rie as Nominated Vice Chairman.

William has retained the Nominated Treasurer position for a further term, many thanks William for all your past work as Treasurer.

John retains the position of Nominated Secretary but is open to and encourages other members to apply for this position!
It is his fifth year and needs a change!

Nominated Committee Members for 2012 are:
Bernhard G., Bing, Brett Craig., Eric, Lorenza, Wesley and we further nominated Diane and Rick in their absence.

Nominated Workgroup Members were chosen as well but we seek more:
Exhibition: Diane, Jeff, Lorenza and S.H.
Inviting Speakers / Judges: Ali, Jeff, Sandy plus all can assist with this during the year
Social, PR, Annual Dinner: Diane, Irene plus need more!
Website: Eric took over from Mart but anyone else interested to assist is welcome.

Meeting venues were discussed, retain the Studio for Comps but seek free venue for Club Nights if possible.

Membership Fee proposed to remain the same in 2012 – $550 Individuals, $825 Couples and $275 full time students.

Preferred Exhibition Dates selected for Cultural Center, we need to notify the L&CSD ASAP for October/November booking.

Continue with Slides, introduce Digital images for competitions.

Special Motion unanimously passed subject to ratification on the 30th -Recognize Mart van de Ven as an Honourary Member for 2012 for his work on the website revamp.”

Members attending: John, Jeff, William, Ali, Andrea P., Bernhard G., Eric, Sandy, and Wesley;
Past members attending: Bing Hum, and Brett Craig
Guests attending: Jenny, Pauline and Sammy

Due to not having a quorum of financial members, decisions taken at this meeting will be confirmed at our next meeting on January 30th